As a home health care provider you are in and out of people’s homes all the time. You typically spend hours at your patient’s house caring for their needs. While you are at their house it is important that you are aware of your surroundings and take precautions to prevent bed bugs for hitching their way back to your home.

Kentucky Termite and Pest Control recommends that home health care providers wear simple scrubs to work and carry a self-sealing bag to place coats, sweaters, and so forth.

Our pest control company also recommends that you store any supplies including blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, assessment sheets, and any other items that you will need in a bag that can be sealed while not in use. This will help protect your belongings from becoming a mode of transportation for bed bugs.

Lastly our pest control company recommends that you protect your car by placing a sheet over the seat to catch any stragglers from making their way in to your home.

These above tips and tricks are just a few ways to prevent transporting bed bugs between your client’s home and yours. We always recommend that if you suspect a bed bug infestation that you contact us at (502) 448-8040. We provide bed bug removal services across the area including Jeffersonville, New Albany,and Louisville. Call us today to schedule a FREE estimate.