Did you know that a recent study found that while bed bug infestations are a year-round phenomenon, six out of ten pest control professionals noted that peak season tends to be the summertime. Here at Kentucky Termite and Pest Control our pest control experts have experienced an increase in calls for bed bugs over the past few months from towns across our area including in Jeffersonville, Louisville, and New Albany.

Going on vacation this summer?

With summer nearing to an end you might be trying to fit in a last minute trip. Before you unpack here is a quick list of places that attract bed bugs and tips to prevent a bed bug encounter no matter where you’re staying!

bed bug graph

Even when you take all the precautions above unfortunately bed bugs can’t always be prevented. If you notice any signs of bed bugs at your Jeffersonville, Louisville, New Albany, or other area property then contact our pest control company today to learn more about our bed bug treatment services!