Boxelder bugs are a black bug with reddish or orange markings that are prevalent across the United States and eastern Canada including in New Albany, Jeffersonville, and Louisville. This pest is known as a boxelder bug because they are often found on or around boxelder trees during the warmer months of the year. However, as the cooler months start to approach these pests start to work their way inside of people’s homes and businesses to keep warm.

It is always recommended that you stay in front of potential pest problems with routine pest maintenance.  Our pest control company offers boxelder bug prevention services to both homeowners and business owners in the Louisville area including in New Albany and Jeffersonville. Our pest control experts will provide you with routine maintenance and also share helpful preventive tips that you can implement on your own including:

  • Repair holes in windows and door screens
  • Seal cracks
  • Install door sweeps to all exterior doors

If your home or business is prone to boxelder bug infestations that call us today to schedule a preventive treatment by calling us at (502) 448-8040!