Termidor is a conventional liquid termite solution that has been proven to be reliable and fast working. Termidor is used around the outside of the home or building to create what Termidor calls the "Termidor Zone." This zone is undetectable to termites, so they do not register it as a threat. Termites consume the termidor-treated material and 1) Die after ingestion; 2) Act as a carrier to transfer the termidor to other termites in the colony. In addition, it is odor free, so it will not cause any disruption to your family.

In numerous trials across the United States and around the world, Termidor has consistently proven to be extremely effective at eliminating termites in structures. It has also proven to be equally effective at preventing future infestations and damage. Ongoing field trials by the United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service show no signs of termite damage in concrete slab field test plots treated with Termidor 80 WG termiticide/ insecticide at labeled rates for more than 15 years after treatment-results no other current available termite control product can match. Pest professionals have successfully protected over 4.5 million U.S. homes with Termidor since it was introducted in 2000.

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