Termite Control in New Albany, Jeffersonville, and Louisville

Termite Control in New Albany, Jeffersonville, and Louisville

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Did you know that termites can go months and even years before being detected? They are known as the silent destroyer for this very reason. Termites feed off of cellulose-based plant materials which can be found in any home. This means that practically any house or building structure could be a victim of termites.

What makes them so destructive? Well, there are two simple reasons for that: 1) They live in colonies. Therefore, you don't have to worry about just one termite, but thousands. 2) They never stop eating.

If you think you might have a termite problem or need an inspection of a home for purchase or refinance, schedule an appointment with us. Kentucky Termite and Pest Control will work with the home or business owner to decide on the best solution. We offer two different options for termite removal.

Types of Termites

Subterranean Termites

Quick Stats

Color:Creamy white to dark brown/black
Shape: Long, narrow and oval
Size: 1/8 inch long
Region: Found throughout the U.S.

Color: Creamy white to brown
Shape: Long, narrow and oval
Size:1/2 inch long
Region: Found in Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and California.